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Pete Lee

1970 GP125 body work a 225TS1 engine. I based it on pictures from the 'Out of the Blue' book and pictures from team equipe website site.

Thing is I could have something modern but after reading your book and seeing you in 2014 at Newark Carol Nash I thought I should

do a 1970 GP 125 justice

Graham Bird

I purchased new back in 1966 a SX200S Type registration number OUR 57D. I have kept original sales leaflets.

I decided to convert my 1964  Li Special into a replica of my 1966 S Type this was due to the 50th Rayspeed

event in August 2014. As the result I won best replica S Type.I have ridden Lambretta's since 1964 and have owned

in the region of 30, I still ride two Lambretta's today one being a replica S Type and a GP 200.

Norman Ronald

An original copy, sprayed by Ray Kemp who prepared the original 125GP JUR 18G in 69 for the Isle of Man

Built by the Ronald Brother's with some original parts. image June 201A5


Richard Oswald

My S Type replica is based on a late 1968 SX150, Owned by myself.......Richard Oswald

Brief History:- Purchased this scooter, semi-restored in 1997 and it has been through many guises

ie: standard 150, 175 upgrade, Mod scooter, Supertune replica and finally in 2014 I decided to make

it a 60’s S Type replica to celebrate AF’s 50th Anniversary of the S Type where it won a trophy presented

by Arthur Francis himself. It also won “Best Streetracer” at Kelso 2014. and now bears a 225cc Classic

 Rapido engine with a 30mm PHBH carb and BGM clubman.


Ian Cunningham

Norman Ronald's Lambretta raced at the 1968 Isle of Man.

The scooter has been signed by both Norman, John and Arthur Francis.


Richard Swatman

The bike has been mine since new, it was one of the 1st batch of bikes delivered by Ray post move to West Heslerton.

Now believed to be the oldest surviving 'West Heslerton' bike. The bike was taken out of service in 1998 with c.9000

miles on the clock & restored in late 2011 into summer 2012. Engine rebuilt with race crank & Rapido 225cc kit by

Ben & Scott at AF. Orange paint resprayed, but the metalflake is original with original lacquer cut back & replaced.

Now in regular use & have clocked up further 4000 miles including number of rallies including 2014 & 2015

LCGB 'cost to coast' rides. 2 pics enclosed - one of bike parked up at home after thrashing 98 miles back from

LCGB Darlington rally to home via York in 2hours - One of me aboard at the top of the &#Ian39;cote de buttertubs'

(part of last years tour de france grand depart route) on this years 'coast to coast'

It isn't a replica - it's a genuine 's' type insofar as it was registered and delivered in this guise direct from Ray himself.


Alun Lewis (Bill)

SX 200 8/7/66 RJH64D Frame 835188 Engine 834800 Original but not paintwork I am the third owner,

Alan Mann bought it off AF, he was in the Luton Lambretta Club as I am, and gave me the service book he used

to keep for it. Ian Reid was the second owner who I bought it off Alan in 1988. He used it for work before selling

it to me in 1994. All the panels are original as is the engine, it was used by Alan at the scooter TT in the IOM and various sporting events.

Dicky Dawson

After attending many Rallies and Loads of Euro Rallies my battered but faithful SIL GP200 needed some TLC

having rebuilt and Customised many Scooters for others I thought it was time to treat myself.

Built from Head to Toe by myself with inspiration by other owners of the Marque.

Nick Brown

Rapido race 225 Indian gp gearbox 1st with Fresco,then NK road and MB big bore Clubman just fitted original-bought from, built

and painted by Rayspeed in 2009,it was knocked overin 2011 and went back to be repaired and painted to Rayspeed, as said exhaust

has been changed from original Fresco to an NK road and just now put on an MB Bigbore Clubman which hasn't been used yet enough

to see how it is.

Mark Andrews

I purchased the bike in 2007 from a chap in Hereford. Since then its undergone major reconstruction

with only the frame and legshields remaining original.....mainly due to a bad smash in 2009.

Apart from the cosmetics, I have added a hydraulic from disc brake and a tuned 200 engine

 I have rewired the bike to full D.C. electrics to power the pathfinders and the electronic

Smiths Rev Counter & Clock fitted inside the legshields. Pretty happy with the look of the bike

....not an exact replica, but my own take with a few modern twists.

Marc James

This was my dads scooter bought from Waddo, via Tom Petch’s shop in dad had it painted

as an S’type by Ray in the mid 90’s..And I bought it off him in around 2002 & fitted the spare wheel

, spot lights & Fresco.

Kevin Seaward

My RB22 is a genuine S type built by AF Rayspeed 2013 to full RB spec plus a few extras, Avanti head,

AF rear race shock, BGM front dampers, SIP speedo with speed sensor and temp sensor, Solid AF billet wheels

Steve Powell

My S-Type is a Stage 4 tuned 200cc with BGM big bore and 28mm Dellorto carb.

The engine had a makeover recently by ‘ProDesign’ and was dyno’d at 16hp.

Originally painted by Ray Kemp and purchased from Phil Morley of York SC in 2009.

The bodywork had a full respray earlier this year after being knocked off!

Vincent Roberts

Scooter is a 1966 SX200, Engine is 240 Mugello Kawasaki H2 with reed, 30 Mikuni TMX ,

5 speed cyclone box and BGM clubman. Bought in 2003 from Perry at totally scooters ,

done about 24,00 miles on mostly LCGB rallies with Ready Steady Go scooter club Barrow in Furness.


Don Garratt

GP 200/225 Super 'S' type. An original 'S' type built by Ben Kemp and sprayed by Ray Kemp

ready for the AF 50th anniversary celebration in 2014, incorporating AF 50th anniversary

badge & her photos were used by AF for thier anniversary memorabilia on mugs, plates & clocks.

Engine RB 225 with Avanti head, 30m Dellorto carb' AF race crank, 6 plate, Surflex clutch,

AF mid weight flywheel, Cyclone 5 speed gear box, Franspeed Supertourer, Diablo long range tank,

AF rear shock & BGM front dampers. Full flake & Vreeble (80's style), engraving by Kevin Adams,

chrome by Quality Chrome, twisted forks, sprint rack, stand & kick start from Beedspeed,

and as she's ridden from rally to rally I had covers made by Corky at Lambretta Vespa Covers to

protect the lovely paint. This design was a dream of mine in the 80's but only came true in 2013/2014,

I used to see 'S' types back in the day and wondered how the hell I could get one! She was certainly worth the wait!

Eric Greaves

GP 200 Race Rapido. Designed and Built by Ray Kemp. Colour - Red, Ray's race colour and Golden

to celebrate the golden jubilee 50 years. I'm committed to keep the scooter as was intended,

a celebration of 50yrs of the "S Type" brand so it will always be kept in the condition it deserves.

Duke Walters

I'm on the far right with my S type I bought from John Ronald- BUR28F after the IOM.

It was a 125 for the IOM Team S Equipe. Arthur Francis changed it for me up to 150 but

retained the 125 gearing, this made it very fast on acceleration. John Ronald is next to me on the Photo.

Bob Chalmers

The scooter is a slightly modern take on the 1969 IOM team. It currently runs a tuned race rapido,

28mm dellorto, af rb crank, af road clutch, MB clubman, bgm shock and dampers, sebring rack

and original giuliari seat.

John Hopkinson

Engine Details: RB200, LTH 7 Plate Clutch, Mikuni TMX 35 Carb, GP200 Gearbox, Franspeed Supertourer Exhaust.

19.5hp (documented) With Air Filter!

Simon James

Bought around 16 years ago. SX 200 in white standard with a suzuki barrel kit and fresco exhaust. (Italian Import)

I wanted to build an S type replica of a dealer special with modern upgrades, but in keeping with that original look.

Painted by SF enterprises and after one of the panels flew off the tool box and panels were redone by Cottage Restorations

with new graphics. The scooter has completed various rallies over the years including the Lambretta club coast to coast

several times and the Lambretta club IOM events. Paint work Citroen Helios Gold, with grey metallic.

Paint scheme dealer special scheme, with AF Rayspeed, TSI and Castrol graphics. Long range fuel tank (Tool box removed.)

Yamaha R1 modified rear shocker. Uprated fork springs. Hydraulic disc brake conversion. Leg shield toolbox extended

& with rev counter. Leg shield folding mirror. Leg shield Lucas spot light. Head set with Kawasaki dogleg leavers modified

to fit lambretta lever housings with leather covers and motorbike bar end weights fitted with motor cycle grips.

Halogen head light. Original rear rack and spare wheel holder. (Supplied by Rafferty and Newman.)

Engine - TS1 225 barrel kit with high compression head (Stage 1 tune.) AF crank. Reedvalve with 32mm Dellorto flatside carb.

SX200 gearbox with 16 tooth front sprocket. KRP 1 Kegra Exhaust. Wide rims front and rear with S1 350/10 Tyres.

Paul Hughes

I purchased this scooter in July 2015, GP200 - RB200 2004

Mark Gill

Owned since March 24th 1977 as a young teenager.(38 years) Doncaster Hunters Scooter Club.

GP200 1969. RWF 664G. The original barrel, piston, cylinder head and 22mm carb were sent off

to the Watford premises for tuning in 1977. The barrel is still on the scooter to this day but is

now bored out to 68mm using an MB touring piston. A 42mm Clubman was purchased at the same time.

The Dellorto SH2/22 carb was reamed out to 25.4mm including the manifold and fitted with a 122 solex

main jet but has now been increased with a 130 main jet. Gearing is the original GP200 make-up of the 18

tooth front sprocket and the 47 tooth rear. Electrics are the original 12v system (Lambretta Concessionaires Accessory)

fitted with the star Lucas zenor diode above the rear mudguard to the frame. This system has now been slightly modified

to accept the 12v electronic stator plate which still charges the 12v battery through the original rectifier.

Other accessories to complete the specification were bought at the same time, these being the original S badge

from the Mini Cooper S, black damper gaiters, rear sprint rack and a front disc brake conversion kit using correct parts

(LD trunnion from the front brake and J series adjuster) fitted the way Arthur intended.

The scooter has never been off the road since I bought it in 1977 apart from 2 minor facelifts and has been taxed and

MOT’d every year without fail.(I do believe that the previous owner ran this every year from 1969 up to my ownership in 1977).

Chris Barratt

1966 SX200 S-type RR0 41D . I am the second owner - originally purchased by John Smith (Vagabonds Scooter Club)

and top gent. Will be undergoing 'rustoration' later this year.

Tony Bowey

Lambretta Li150 converted to GP, race-tuned RB-250 engine. Built 2014

Adrian Melson

1969 GP, engine TS1 230, 60m JB racing crank, MB reed block with yamaha reeds,

detour exhaust and variotronic ignition,

Wayne Gowing

Bgm race tour 205cc, 60mm crank, 30 phb carb, Running a 5 plate clutch, Agusto 6000, And a Bgm performance clubman

Meirion Green

GP200 1985 model.Purchased in Feb 2013 from Envidia Scooters in Scunthorpe . It had been sprayed prior to me buying it .

I've put a Rapido Classic in it and it goes very well .

Martyn Wilkinson

Rebuilt, restored and modified in 2002 by Ray Kemp. Recently rebuilt & resprayed in metal flake

Tony Chick

My 'S' type includes my Wife to be - Annette

The Red Lambretta is a Tv200 fitted with one of the first 12v system.The other battery was fitted in the toolbox

,we also put a 175cc gearbox into it which proved useful at Brands Hatch where I came in 5th behind Arthur Francis

& Nev Frost. The orange Sx200 Stype was a colour that I believe Arthur mixed & also sprayed there were a few more

in this colour which was a beautiful colour.

Current ly I am looking for the 2 Lambretta S Types regs BAU 618B. &.URO 48E any info on whereabouts welcome.Thanks.


Ross Gamage

Purchased a poorly restored TV200 in 2010 with view to rebuild, decided to create a S-Type replica

to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Built by Lambretta Rehab using 60's accessories but with some modern upgrades.

Mark Gibson

1986 Indian GP 230ts1 Not an AF built unfortunately and the paint Job done by myself.

Did have an original one in the 80s though that may justify my imitation.

Geoff Moss

1970 GP125 registered in 1971 - It's running a Race Rapido 250cc - kit bought from AF Rayspeed, but engine built by Pat Teatum at Lambretta Re-Store.

Built for touring, and breathing through a 35mm Mikuni THX with a Clubman pipe.

George Scobell

Some images of my S Type on the IOM

Bryan Connor

Model GP150 Year 1978CC North Lanarkshire

Brief History; bought 2006 as a resto red Indian GP intended for a run about whilst

KAS racepaint sprayed a Rayspeed replica and just got carried away with Carbon Fibre.

Was refurbed with a Rimini Scuderia engine and ancillary parts 2017-18